AI Video Creator – How To Create Unlimited Videos In 60 Sec

AI Video Creator Is a fresh new way to look at YouTube, Facebook videos, affiliate video reviews, local marketing, teaser trailers, local marketing, vols & more.

So are you ready to take your video business to the next level?

AI Video Creator – How To Create Unlimited Videos In 60 Seconds
AI Video Creator – How To Create Unlimited Videos In 60 Seconds

AI Video Creator Tool-Suite: Full Feature Breakdown

Platform Compatibility

AI Video is a downloadable software engine, which runs on both PC and Mac.

  • This ensures that users on either platform can seamlessly use the software without any compatibility issues. Whether you’re on a Windows PC or a Mac, AI Video Creator provides a smooth and efficient experience.

Templates and Customization

AI Video contains 1,500 DONE-FOR-YOU templates so ANYONE can profit from video.

  • Users can quickly create professional videos tailored to various needs and industries with a vast library of templates. These pre-designed templates save time and effort, allowing users to focus on personalizing their content.

AI Video Includes 15 Template Packs (with a huge “generic” pack for anything else).

  • The template packs cover many themes and styles, ensuring users have the right tools for any video project. The generic pack offers versatile options for videos that don’t fit into specific categories.

AI Video Includes 500 Done-for-You Written Lines and Slides – Written by a $1 Million+ Copywriter.

  • These pre-written lines and slides ensure that your videos have professional and persuasive text, crafted by an expert copywriter. This feature is perfect for users who may struggle with writing compelling content.

Includes 12 Fonts to Customize Your Video and Make the Million-Dollar Copy Convert.

  • The variety of fonts are available allows users to customize their videos to align with their brand identity and style, enhancing the overall visual appeal and effectiveness of the content.

Content and Assets

AI Video Includes 1,500 Done-for-You, Pre-Recorded REAL Voice-Overs – Recorded by a PRO UK Voice-Over Artist.

  • These high-quality voice-overs add a professional touch to videos, making them sound polished and credible. Users can choose from a large selection to find the perfect voice for their project.

9 “Royalty-Free” Music “Backing Tracks” for a Professional Touch.

  • Adding music to videos can significantly enhance viewer engagement. The royalty-free tracks ensure that users can include professional background music without worrying about additional costs or licensing issues.

11 Background Images to Captivate Your Audience.

  • These background images can enhance the visual appeal of videos, making them more engaging and visually attractive. Users can choose from various backgrounds to suit different themes and moods.

Ease of Use

AI Video Lets You Create UNLIMITED Videos That Look Like They Cost $1,000 to Put Together.

  • Users are not limited by how many videos they can create, encouraging creativity and experimentation. The software’s capabilities ensure that each video looks professionally made, regardless of the user’s experience level.

Includes Training – To Get You Started in Minutes.

  • The included training materials are designed to help users get up and running quickly. These guides cover the basics and more advanced features, ensuring that users can make the most out of the software.

Support and Reliability

Access to My UK-Based Customer Support Team.

  • Users can rely on a dedicated support team based in the UK for any issues or questions. This ensures timely and effective assistance, enhancing the overall user experience.

100% Money-Back Guarantee. We’ve Served Over 90,000 Customers So You Can Trust Us.

  • This guarantee demonstrates the company’s confidence in its product. With a large customer base and a satisfaction guarantee, users can trust that they are making a safe investment.

Monetization and Rights

Full Commercial and Agency Rights – You Can Use Your Video for Any Purpose and Sell to Any Business for 100% Profit.

  • Users can use their videos for commercial purposes and sell them to other businesses. There are no restrictions or additional fees, allowing users to retain full profits from their sales.

Upload Your Videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Your Website, or Anywhere Online.

  • Once created, videos can be easily uploaded to various platforms. This flexibility ensures that users can reach their audience wherever they are most active.

Unlimited Video Renders. Make as Many as You Like, There Are No Restrictions or Royalties to Pay.

  • With unlimited rendering capabilities, users can produce as many videos as they need without worrying about additional costs or restrictions. This feature supports ongoing video creation for different projects and clients.


The AI Video Creator tool suite is designed to make professional video creation accessible to everyone. With its extensive library of templates, customizable options, high-quality assets, and user-friendly features, this software enables users to produce polished videos quickly and efficiently.

The additional commercial rights and unlimited video rendering capabilities make it a valuable tool for both personal and business use, offering significant monetization opportunities. The package is further enhanced by comprehensive training, robust customer support, and a money-back guarantee, ensuring a reliable and satisfactory experience.


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